Old Dredmor track

Here is a track that I worked on in 2005 for the Dungeons of Dredmor soundtrack. It got to a certain point and then it was abandoned. I think part of the issue was that it was not quite appropriate for the game. But it does have a similar sound to a lot of the elements of the rest of the soundtrack.

Thanks for listening!

Song and Remix

Zaratustra created a game called Fugue back in 2002.  It was for an Hours of VERGE competition (where you have a certain number of hours to create a game from scratch).  He used a public domain song to go with it, but he wanted something that fit the game a little better, so I whipped up a song in an evening.  I think the only requirement was that it had to sound baroque (or use some kind of baroque instrumentation), so it features a harpsichord sample rather heavily.

I’m sure all three of you who read this (including however many of you who are actually me) are familiar with this tune, but it jumped out at me tonight while perusing some of my old stuff, so I thought I’d upload it.

      1. Fugue

Later, Zara was looking for music to use in Zeta’s World.  I volunteered some music from earlier games, and since he didn’t plan to sell Fugue, its music was up for grabs.  I assumed he’d want a remix of the music, so that way he could have the main version of the level play the above song and an alternate version play the remix below.  It was used for a level called “Sunspot”.

It kind of diverges from the original, but that’s alright.  This version was made in late 2004, according to the timestamp on the Impulse Tracker file.

      2. Fugue-Sunspot

Most of the Zeta’s World soundtrack is by Troupe, and it’s good stuff. I guess I’m the “guest artist” for that soundtrack :)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Musicnerd VGM

So a friend of mine emailed me last night and said “Please make a 20th century style Nintendo piece” and then mentioned a ton of genres that the game should fill such as adventure / action / puzzle / survival horror / RPG / FPS / MMO etc.

20th Century, eh? Like the nerdiest, difficult listening music. Set theory, 12-tone rows..

So! Cutting to the chase, I stayed up a few hours past my bedtime and made a 12-tone row Nintendo piece. I call it  NINTENROW.

(ah, hahaha.)

Anyway, it’s an overworld/area map and then it steps into pause mode, and then battle mode… and a little victory ditty before going back to the overworld/area map.

I used the following row: C F D# G# A# G D A B E F# C#
and its inversions and retrogrades.

I feel so nerdy right now, it’s awesome.