Nearly two years!

Hi folks,

So much for trying to blog frequently, eh? Oh well. I got a day job and it sucked up my time and energy. But I’m finding myself brimming with ideas and I want to use my blog to track them (and be more public. Hi everybody!)

Project A

Right now, there are two projects that I consider Mine that are in various states of brainstorming. Project A is a serialized audio drama. I am a huge fan of audio dramas (particularly those by Big Finish in the Doctor Who universe), and while I would love to provide music and sound design for one of the bigger producers out there, I need to level up a bit. So why not make my own?!

I’ve had this idea for a video game in my head for years, and I figured “why not turn this into an audio adventure instead?” That way I don’t have to learn how to balance a system or make the codes or draw the arts. I’d be happy to work with others who can do such things, but I’d rather bring in those experts when I can pay them.

This also means that I can make a lot of music and sound effects, which is good practice for my intended career (i.e. composer and sound designer, etc etc). And if people like the audio drama a lot, then I can see it growing into something kinda big. But I also want to make sure it has a defined beginning, middle and end. I’m also a big fan of Babylon 5 (which is where “zath” comes from), and appreciated the plan that the show runner went in with: a 5 year story arc. I’m not sure if my audio drama is 5 years long, but when I sketch out the potential directions it could go, I certainly see more than a single series.

So, in order to make this happen, I need to learn how to make good stories. I have done a LOT of world building, but I need to write for characters that people will want to follow. (Just tonight I was having a conversation with J who said the people in his office have different tolerances for heat vs. cold. They are always fiddling with the thermostat and opening/closing windows. So I thought “oh, hey. That’s a character quirk.”)

I’ve picked up a couple of books about TV writing, which I think is closest to what I want to make. Serialized audio drama with a story arc over many episodes. Just no pictures, is all, except for the ones you imagine in your mind. But the process of turning all of this world building and large plot strokes into small pieces that can be tackled one at a time requires a bit of writing knowledge.

Project B

The other one is music-related. Dungeons of Dredmor will be 5 years old this year, and I want to make a musical thing that will commemorate  this anniversary. I want to put production value into it, and I think the things I have in mind will require funding. So I have to decide if I want to go after 1) arts grants or 2) Kickstarters/GoFundMes.

Before I know which, I need to figure out how much the things I want to do will cost, and that means deciding what I want to do. So I’m spinning some ideas around in my head and hope to have an idea before… the end of the month? I’ll want to bounce ideas off someone who knows how much things like this cost.

Meanwhile, there are projects floating around that are Not Mine that I still have involvement with. Just to make sure I don’t feel guilty about working on stuff that is Mine, I should really wrap the Not Mine stuff up first. Not to say that I can’t do a little of both at the same time, but it’ll be easier that way.

So, here I am. It’s February 25, 2016. I’ll come back later and have more to say.

Recent inspirational quote: “We are not here to do it perfectly, we are here to do it thoroughly.” — Mark Nepo

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