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I’ve had this site running for several years, but I’ve never really used it for its intended purpose: a landing page for those interested in my music. I’ll occasionally post something to Soundcloud, but generally it will hang out and get a few plays. And sometimes I’ll post something to this blog which has been running since 2008, but very rarely.

Why so quiet? It’d be much better to write thoughts down publicly, even if I’m the only one reading them. I’m also finding myself more and more interested in scriptwriting for a radio play, although that would certainly be prioritized somewhere below making music and sounds. But! If I can write on a regular basis, and more than 140 characters at a time, it would be good practice.

So, here’s what I’ve done: This site is now primarily a business card for my audio things. That’s how I primarily intend to do business and be creative. However, it also has space for a blog, so I intend to use it at least once a week. Even if it’s just to mention a new software tool (like that mouse utility last time), or a musical notion or analysis, or even a recipe that I’m keen to try out. I have also got into reading a lot and often am visiting the Salesforce to read up on CRM software as I am planning to install one at my business.

Someone told me not long ago that folks are interested in a person’s story. Keeping a public journal will make parts of my story available. Even if there are few/no readers, it’ll still be interesting to read myself, later on. I found my old Livejournal from years back, and reading some of those posts reminded me of life as it was back then.

I’ll try my best to use tags and categories for later sorting. I also promise not to violate any NDAs, if and when they come along (I’m crossing my fingers for NDAs).

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