Better Mousing

In an effort to reduce the degree of motion required to move the pointer on the screen, I looked into what could be done about increasing pointer sensitivity in OS X. Even with the option set to maximum sensitivity in the preferences panel, it seemed a little sluggish.

It turns out that OS X has a known issue with pointer lag! Basically: you move the mouse and then 32ms later the pointer starts moving. It’s a tiny amount, but it could add up to a fair bit of wasted motion. Additionally, the highest sensitivity in the OS X preferences pane is a value of 1.8. While it is possible to edit “.GlobalPreferences.plist” or some-such and change that variable, I’d rather have a GUI solution.

Enter Smooth Mouse.

I installed it, turned off mouse acceleration and set the sensitivity to about halfway on the bar, and so far I am very pleased. It did take a little getting used to, but the net result is that I don’t move my hand as much. Hopefully this prevents motion strain too.

On that note, now for an ergonomic evaluation. Standing desk? Treadmill desk? Oh boy!

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