Hi, I’m Matthew Steele


I am a composer and sound designer

Okay, so I don't *just* make music and sounds, I also climb things!

See the native Pacific Northwest Composer (Musicus Pacficus) in its natural habitat.

Back in the late 90s, I started writing video game music for fun, and have continued since then. Now it’s my job! I also went to school for it: Studied music composition at Portland State University and (take a deep breath now) The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program at The Seattle Film Institute. I’ve got a Masters Degree in Film Music Composition (need any films scored? I’m game for that. Games too.)

I love to experiment with different styles, including orchestral, jazz, electronic, retro-chiptune, and so on. Analyzing existing music and figuring out what makes it tick is very exciting, but I also bring my original musical voice. For game soundtracks and sound design, I aim to make a memorable experience that will engage the player’s emotions. That’s what sound does, right?

Here are some musical excerpts:

For full tracks, please visit Bandcamp and Soundcloud


Here are some sound design examples:

Here are some featured projects that I have worked on:


By: Gaslamp Games
In Production
Build and manage a colony in the Victorian Era. Marvel at the emergent gameplay, on your own or with up to three friends in multiplayer. Keep your colonists safe from all manner of harshness and strangeness. It has a layering soundtrack that adjusts based on gameplay: Ambient, Battling, Discovery, Productive, Tragic, Insanity. The game is will be released soon on Steam, for Windows / OS X / Linux ! In the meantime, I urge you to check out Gaslamp’s weekly blog posts. They are quite entertaining.
sullyBy: Breadbrothers Games
In Production
Sully is like a mid-90s jRPG, which is my favorite genre. Various game elements gave me retro feelings, so I featured Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Commodore 64, and TurboGrafx-16 sounds in the music. However, it’s a hybrid score, with some orchestral elements as well. I am really looking forward to sharing this soundtrack once the game is completed… and playing it over and over again because I love 90s jRPGs.


dredmorBy: Gaslamp Games
Released July 2011, with several expansions
It’s a Rogue-like game, which means you are delving into 10+ levels of randomly generated dungeons, with randomly generated loot and monsters. It also has a wonderful sense of humor, and is very difficult, which makes it very fun and rewarding. A lot of the music was written using the MS-DOS software Impulse Tracker, and has a very quirky jazz-influenced style.


eversionBy: Zaratustra Productions
Released June 2010
It’s a side-scrolling platformer a la Super Mario Bros, but with an interesting twist. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think the game is best played in the dark by yourself. Muhuhaha. I worked on part of the soundtrack, along with Miroslav Malesevic.

There are More projects!



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